Looking for Forestry Acti

T.Lim afu085 at clss1.bangor.ac.uk
Mon May 2 12:43:25 EST 1994

Yes, mhobbs has the right idea- distinguish between forestry and deforestation.

I am a Malaysian forestry student, with first-hand experience with tropical
forests.  The facts speak for themselves, of the approximately 1.4 billion cubic
metres of wood cut from tropical regions in 1990 1 billion cubic metres was 
used as fuel wood and only 275 million cu m was use for industrial purposes. 
dlj's was wrong when he claimed most forests were destroyed by greed- it is a
matter of growing populations requiring resources and not being sophisticated
enough to use the resources sustainably.

						T.Lim (afu085 at bangor.ac.uk)

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