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Thu May 12 22:48:00 EST 1994

This covers a wide variety of potential areas of research.  It
is generally considered that E. camaludensis is one of the
best of all species in consoming and transpiring water eg to
utilise sewage effluent, irrigation tailwater and similar
Although not now operating, such a scheme operated here in
Alice Springs for some years using sewage effluent and E
camaludensis [river red gum] to use excess effluent and
ultimately produce timber.  It seems to have fallen into non
use [staff problems or turnover?] rather than any real
technical problems.  Contact Power and Water Authority, Alice
Springs for information.
But recently had visit from 2 USDA people who are researching
river red gum for utilising saline irrigation tailwater in
Fresno area - names David Carter and ? Menezes and both with
Soil Conservation service in Fresno area.  Are part of team
doing a lot of work in this broad area of water use through
eucalyptus, especially E. camaludensis.  They visited here
specifically to collect saline tolerant plant material from
this area, identified through initial trials.  Also visited
CSIRO, Perth  in Western Australia, where work on dryland
I suggest contacts in these areas could be useful.  Also try
CSIRO Division of Forestry Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia and
ACIAR, GPO Box 1571, Canberra, ACT who may have contacts also. 
They will [may?] participate in overseas research projects.
Good Luck.....Peter Harrison, Seed Specialist

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