Veterinary Pharmaceuticals POSITION SEEKING

szachari szachari at
Thu May 19 09:21:12 EST 1994

   A consultant for veterinary Pharmaceuticals having Doctorate Degree
in Microbiology, and 10 years of experience as Vet.Service
Manager/Technical Service manager/Consultant to National and
Multinational companies in India requires a suitable position as
consultant /Technical service manager in any Pharmaceutical company in
USA   or abroad.I can Provide services like identification of
product,Research and Development of vet.formulations(animal and poultry),feed
supplements,growth promotants etc. I will also be able to organize
pre-clinical, Clinical and multicenter trials, data analysis, direction
of R&D personnel, Training of marketing personnel,designing the
promotional literature, as well as transfer of technology.I have also got
Teaching and administration experience in India and Nigeria. 

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