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Recent messages on seed and nursery discussion groups suggest
confusion about what the Agroforestry Newsgroup should be used for. I'm
still the notional 'discussion leader' of this Newsgroup (despite being abroad
and offline for much of the time since it started!!) so perhaps I should
respond with a bit of background.

The Agroforestry Newsgroup  was an initiatiave of the UK Agroforestry
Research Forum (an informal linkage around 20 UK universities and
research institutes working on temperate agro-forestry).  The aim of the
Forum is to pool research ideas and resources, develop common network
trials, and act as a pressure group for agroforestry in the UK.  The Forum
continues to hold annual meetings, and has working groups on silvoarable
and silvopastoral systems.  It produces a  regular newsletter titled
'Agroforestry Forum' (email AFS069 for details).

The Agroforestry Newsgroup was announced during the IUFRO/Edinburgh
University Conference on 'Agroforestry: Principles and Practice' in July 89,
and soon received the required number of votes.  It was intended as a
focus for international discussion on AGROFORESTRY, but the absence
of a general forestry newsgroup has lead biosci.agroforestry to be used for
much general ecopolitical discussion of forestry (particularly in the US). 
The fact that there are now a number of other forestry bulletin boards leads
me to suggest that we should try to keep the discussion here closer to
agroforestry.  The more focussed this discussion the fewer are those who
unsubscribe because of ' idle chatter'.  

John Le Blanc (jleblanc at has already copied to this
Newsgroup information on the Jarmo.Saarikko at  paper on forestry

>The URL to the file is:
>   "gopher://".
>   It is also available as a hypermedia version at
>   "".
>   No e-mail delivery or anonymous ftp are available for the moment. 

I would have thought that forest at would be the best home for
tree-nursery discussions???

I've got two specific agroforestry questions:
a)  is there anyone wants me to put them on the mailing list for the 'ODA
Agroforestry Modelling Newsletter' (4 pages, 2 issues per year)
b)  has anyone information on the shade tolerances of tropical crops -
cocoyam, coco and bananas can tolerate light shade, but its hard to find
quantitative information?  Are there any other good shade-bearers? 

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