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>"broad based dips" developed by the US Forest Service at its experimental
watershed forest in Coweeta NC. They have described it well in the
literature and it is particularly effective in mountainous or very hilly

>For the novices, could you give more specific information about where it
would be described?

Probably the easiest place to get information on broad based dips and
other methods of reducing erosion on forest roads is from your state's
Forestry BMP (Best Management Practices) Manual. In most states the manual
is distributed by the state forestry association (an organization composed
of forest landowners, industrial foresters, forestry educators and others
concerned about forestry issues) and the state Dept of Forestry, (or
Forestry Commision, Conservation Dept of whatever they are called in your
state). Both organizations are located at the state capitol althouh the
state normally has an office at each county seat. Contact one of these
organizations and ask for a copy of the "Forestry BMP's".  There will be
no charge. The booklets contain a great deal of useful information desined
to reduce the impact of all forestry operations on water quality.

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