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Permaculture Design Course: 
A two-week intensive in sustainable systems design
July 6-20, 1995 
at Shades of Harmony Farm, Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada

Michael Pilarski, author of, Restoration Forestry, and founder of 
	Friends of the Trees, has been teaching permaculture world 
	wide since 1981.  

Garry Lean, permaculture designer and professor of Integrated 
	Resource Management at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay, 

David Jacke, landscape designer, land use planner
Plus: Guest Speakers involved in sustainable agricultural, 
	renewable energy, ecological planning and green economics.

    Through lecture, discussion, observation and hands-on 
experiential learning, permaculture students will develop the 
practical skills and knowledge to design and implement 
sustainable systems that are in harmony with the natural world.
	Permaculture, has become known as the system of choice for 
ecological planning and restoration. The term was patented by, Bill 
Mollison in the early 1970's to describe a system of permanent 
habitations. With roots in agricultural systems it has evolved into 
a program for designing ecological communities and restoring 
urban centers. It is about self-reliance, growing food, and building 
creative, beautiful, energy-efficient structures from local 

Course Topics:
*Local self-reliance, networking, research and site analysis
*Urban permaculture, bioregional planning and mapping 
*Village development, land trusts, intentional communities 
*Organic agriculture, aquaculture, greenhouses, and herbs
*Agroforestry, edible landscaping and sustainable forestry
*Erosion control, soil microbiology, livestock and wildlife
*Strawbale Construction-efficient, low-cost and renewable!
Certification: Course graduates will be certified as 
	Permaculture Design Trainees. Graduates are entitled to use the 
	term "Permaculture" in the pursuit of livelihood, and for 
	educational purposes.
Course Tuition: We plan to host this course as one of the least 
	expensive permaculture design courses offered in years. Early 
	registration (prior to May '95) is $650.00. After May 1, 1995 
	tuition is $750.00. (Fees are in Canadian funds.) 
	Course will be limited to 40 participants.
For more information send $5.00 to the Institute for 
Bioregional Studies, 449 University Ave., Suite 126, 
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada C1A 8K3.   
(902) 892-9578
Summer Programs on Ecological Planning at:
The Institute for Bioregional Studies
	The Institute for Bioregional Studies (IBS), is commited to the 
design and management of sustainable communities. 
	Our programs are aimed at people whose curiosities may lead 
them to seek careers in ecological planning, teachers who wish to 
better inform their students and others desiring to pursue 
ecologically responsible lifestyles.
	Each of our programs is planned to study the potential of 
humanity to create an ecological society. We will examine the 
current implications of "globalization and "sustainable 
development" as well as the continual destruction of our 
ecosystems. From this we will develop a reconstructive 
perspective that empowers us to not only preserve what is still 
intact but to also restore what has been damaged.
	While focusing on a bioregional perspective that supports 
community health and self-reliance the Institute is making an 
important contribution towards the evolution of a truly 
environmental science. 	
	Students seeking college credit may do so by special 
arrangement through their home institution.
Permaculture Design Course (July 6-20)
With: Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees; Garry Lean, Sir 
Sandford Fleming College; David Jacke, Native Harvest Designs
Restoration Ecology: 
Reconstructing Sustainable Communities (July 26-31).
With: Dr. William Rees, Dean, Urban and Rural Planing University of 
BC; Dr. Doug Aberely, editor, Futures by Design: The Practice of 
Ecological Planning; Dr. Ray Cote, Dean, Environmental Planning, 
Dalhousie University
Coming Home:
Awakening Community Resourcefulness  (July 28-30)
With: Dr. Wayne Roberts, co-chair Coalition for a Green Economic 
Recovery, author of Get a Life: Canada's Green Cure for Economic 
Blues; Carla Conrad, Regional Atlantic Trading Note Association 
(Maritime Money)
Spirit of the Region: 
Celebrating Nature, Culture, and Community (August 4-6) 
With: Kirkpatrick Sale, Secretary Schumaker Society, author of 
Dwellers of the Land: The Bioregional Vision; Judith and 
Christopher Plant, editors, New Society Publishers, New Catalyst 
Education Foundation; John Joe Sark, Captain Miq-Mak Grand 
Council. Plus regional musicians and entertainers.

For more information on our programs please show your 
support by sending $5.00 when requesting a catalogue. 
Thank you.

Institute for Bioregional Studies
449 University Avenue, Suite 126, Charlottetown,
Prince Edward Island, Canada, C1A 8K3  
Phone: (902) 892-9578; e-mail: pferraro at peinet.pe.ca
Phil Ferraro, Director
Institute for Bioregional Studies
449 University Avenue Suite 126            "Developing Local Solutions to 
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island	    Global Problems"
Canada   C1A 8K3
(902) 892-9578

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