Conference: Local Heritage in the Changing Tropics

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	               Innovative Strategies for Natural Resource 
          		        Management and Control

	            Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

		                  February 10-12, 1995


    The Yale chapter of the International Society of Tropical 
Foresters is hosting their fourth annual conference to examine the 
international response to the destruction of cultures and associated 
natural resources in the tropics. 

    In many areas, local peoples' groups have forged new alliances 
amongst themselves and with global partners to assert customary 
natural resource control.  These coalitions are reasserting 
traditional knowledge and claims, and are developing a diverse array 
of constructive alternatives to victimization by market forces.  The 
conference will provide a forum in which to review these 
strategies and to foster communication among workers from 
various fields and regions.  Conference speakers and 
participants will be drawn from all levels of this process 
and from all parts of the globe.  

The conference will address three major themes:

1) Legal structures and local recognition:
    The focus will be on problems in codifying traditional 
    land and resource rights into national law and the 
    concomitant problems in transforming ill defined 
    'groups' into legal entities. 

2) Constructive market participation:
    Market participation will be presented as a means to 
    exercise local control of natural resources by 
    constructively channelling market penetration towards 
    goals of improved standards of living, political 
    empowerment, cultural preservation, and conservation of 

3) Information technologies:
    While information control has often been used by elites 
    to marginalize groups, as information technology becomes 
    more accessible, communities are using knowledge 
    recording and dissemination systems in innovative ways 
    to further their causes.  The conference will explore 
    ways that local people are using information and 
    communication technologies to press claims and conserve 
    customary knowledge.  

    Proceedings of the conference will be published as part 
of the Yale School of Forestry Bulletin series.

            Schedule of Events:

Friday February 10
    7:00 PM     Welcome address Jared Cohon, Dean, 
                            Yale School of Forestry
    7:30 PM     Keynote address
    8:30 PM     Reception  [Bowers Hall - School of Forestry]
Saturday February 11
    8:00 AM     Coffee and Donuts  [School of Management - SOM]
    8:30 AM     Plenary Panel 1:   Legal Structures and Local Recognition
                Questions and discussion [SOM] 
    10:15 AM    Coffee [SOM]
    10:45 AM    Working groups 1: Case studies of Legal Structures
					 and Local Recognition [SOM]
    11:45 PM    Working Group Summaries
    12:00 PM    Lunch  [SOM]
    1:15 PM     Plenary panel 2:  Constructive Market Participation
     	        Questions and discussion [SOM]
    3:00PM      Coffee [SOM]
    3:30 PM     Working groups 2: Case studies of Constructive 
					Market Participation
    4:30 PM     Working Group Summaries
    5:00 PM     Reception [Sage Lounge - School of Forestry]  
    6:00 PM     Optional Limited Seating Dinner [Bowers] 
    7:30 PM     Videos/Film/possible Musical Event

Sunday February 12
    8:00 AM     Coffee and Donuts  [SOM]
    8:30AM      Plenary Panel 3:   Information Technologies 
                Questions and discussion [SOM]
    10:30 AM    Coffee [SOM]
    11:00 AM    Working groups 3: Case studies of Information Technologies[SOM]
    12:00 PM    Working Group Summaries
    12:15 PM    Lunch [SOM]
    1:30 PM     Synthesis 
    2:30 PM     Closing remarks Nancy Peluso, Yale School of Forestry
A speaker list will be available November 15, and will be 
included in a subsequent reposting.

            Poster Display:

Space will be available for the display of a single poster 
(no larger than 50cm by 150cm) by interested attendees.  
Posters should contain information about relevant projects 
and must include the name and the affiliation of the 

            Conference Location:

Yale University

School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES), 
Sage Hall,
205 Prospect Street,

and School of Organization and Management (SOM), 
Watson Center,
135 Prospect Street,

New Haven, CT 06511  USA

            For More Information, contact:
Greg Dicum
ISTF Conference Committee
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
205 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511 USA
voice: (203) 432-6999
fax:   (203) 432-5942 
Internet:  cwoodwar at

Sponsored by the Yale Tropical Resources Institute, Yale 
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and the 
Weyerhaeuser Center for Forest Resource Management and Policy 


Please make a hard copy and return as soon as possible.  As 
space is limited, registrations will be accepted in the order 
they are received.


Will you be bringing a posterboard? Circle one: Yes / No

Registration Fees:
$15 - student (lunch optional; $5 extra)

$75 - regular (lunch included)  
$65 - regular registration if received before December 31,1994.

Registration fee includes refreshments and all materials. 

Optional Limited Seating Dinner (Saturday Evening):
$20 - please indicate any dietary restrictions below:


Early Registration (before December 31):    _____X $65 = _____
Regular Registration:                       _____X $75 = _____
Student Registration:                       _____X $15 = _____
Optional Dinner:                            _____X $20 = _____

                                            Total:       _____

Make check or money order payable in US dollars to Yale 
University-ISTF.  Registration will be confirmed once 
payment is made.  Unfortunately, registration by E-mail can not be 

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