Growing Morels

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Fri Nov 11 21:34:03 EST 1994

On Mon, 7 Nov 1994 17:26:32 GMT, 
Robert Underwood  <runderwo at> wrote:

>Does anyone have any success stories about the cultivation of Morel Mushrooms
>in your backyard or woodlot?  If so let us know.
>Bob Underwood, NDSU-Bottineau, Urban Forestry
You might want to contact Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti (stamets1 at
He sells morel kits and has experience growing Morels.  Also, check
out my gopherspace and/or anonymous FTP-site for mushroom growing info.
-Not much on morels, but a little bit- plus info on other coom'l sources/
internet mycology resources.

P.S. Tell Paul tou hear of him on the Internet. Thanks!

Good luck!

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