Growing Morels

J.B.Harrington jbharr at
Sat Nov 12 16:50:20 EST 1994

Unlikely as this may seem I found two species of choice edible fungi
at the house where I used to live.  The site was the immediately next to 
the North side of the house (2 storey) within 1kM of the coast in Santa 
Cruz, California. Both species were found WILD in the same spot between 
the bulding, a wood recycling bin, and a rubber garbage can(we were diong 
alot of composting so garbage was mostly packaging), immediately 
under the outlet for the clothes dryer (considerably less than 1 
meter,maybe as low as .25m above the soil).  the two species were:

ELFIN SADDLE (the one that emits rocket fuel when cooked (very bad or 
fatal to breathe alot of) so don't put your face in the pan.
Other than that they're choice edibles)

either YELLOW or BLACK MORELS (can't remember which one.  this was over a 
year ago.  But I cut them open and they were hollow all the way up, no 

I keyed them out visually no microscope

This may or not be useful, but the circumstances could give you some clues 
as to what conditions these species like.  My guess is that the spores 
showed up in someones laundry went through the dryer and were deposited 
outside and eventually fruited there in the shade where this hot 
moist air was beating down on them. Or maybe the conditions were just 
right for fruiting and the main body was already there.

Anyway good luck.

jbharr at

Mon, 7 Nov 1994, Robert Underwood wrote:

> Does anyone have any success stories about the cultivation of Morel Mushrooms
> in your backyard or woodlot?  If so let us know.
> Thanks,
> Bob Underwood, NDSU-Bottineau, Urban Forestry

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