Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association

Kron Aken Kron.Aken at
Wed Nov 16 17:06:37 EST 1994

Their new address for the Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association is:
        Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association
        C/O Winrock International 
        Rt.3 Box 376
        AR 72110
        Phone:(501) 727-5435
        Fax:(501) 727-5417

I have copied this address from their Sept 94 newsletter called 'Network
News'. Their is no email address in the newsletter.


>In article <9411090510.AA52319 at>
c650796 at SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU >(Thomas Payne) writes:
>        I've just had a letter sent to the Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association
>come back as not deliverable.  The address I used was:
>                Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association
>                P.O. Box 680
>                Waimanalo, HI  96795
>        Is there a new address, or is this organization defunct?  Anybody
>know?  I was writing to Mr. James M. Roshetko, who is/was the program
>officer of the CPP.  Anybody know how I might contact him?--his e-mail
>        Thanks--

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