Pine Trees - rate of growth?

Thu Nov 24 21:40:47 EST 1994

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(Steve Trottier) says:
>I need to know how fast a Weymouth pine tree will grow.  I know they grow
>to about 200 ft, but I don't know how many years it will take to get
>there.  Any ideas where I could find this information?  Thanks!
Weymouth pine is the European name for pinus strobus, the eastern
white pine. You might find the best information about this tree in
Silvics of North America:USDA Agriculture handbook 654.
White pines can grow 3 feet in height per year on good site, and even
more than that under good conditions. But this does not mean that
they can grow to 200 feet in 65 years.
I think that at some time in the past, let's say 150 years ago, these
giants still grew in places in New England. But nowadays, I
wonder whether you can find any white pine this size.
A tree 140' in height, is considered a champion tree.

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