Logging 38 acres in Eastern North Carolina; Any Replant Suggestions?

JMH2001 jmh2001 at aol.com
Sun Nov 27 23:00:16 EST 1994

I will soon be logging my place in Eastern North Carolina.  The forest is
predominately loblolly pine with scattered sweetgum, oaks, red maple etc. 
The trees are approximately 45 years old.  I will be setting aside a
stream side area and a couple of areas of 1 acre or less in size for
diversity.  The rest of the property will be replanted.

The property can roughly be divided in half; one half is poorly drained
and the other is moderately well drained.  Are there any interesting
species I should consider planting instead of loblolly pine.  I have read
some information on white ceadar.  Are there any hardwood species that I
should consider?


Jim Hamrick

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