Plant Protection Services in Germany ?

Sat Oct 8 01:02:00 EST 1994

> Posting for a friend...
> We would like to learn on plant protection services in germany, or
> southern germany specifically, which offer information or/and services
> via electronic networks. Weather-related information to be used in
> this area would also be extremely helpful - are there any satellite
> maps, temp/humidity/wind etc data available? Commercial or non-free
> services might be of interest as well.
> Regards
> Reinhard

Yuo should ask: Bundesforschungsanstalt für Naturschutz und  
Landschaftsoekologie, Konstantinstr. 110, D-532225 Bonn, T 0228-84910, or  
call Dr. Krause (049)-228-8491216.
Willaim from Lueneburg
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