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David E Currie curried at
Fri Oct 28 23:43:37 EST 1994


I work for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Rescources, Seed & Stock
Section and would like to hear from others in the same field who would
like to discuss things such as:

	- seed extraction techniques/problems/resolutions
	- tree seedling culture - softwoods/hardwoods
	- computer (MS/DOS, VMS) applications for tree orders, stock
allocation, stock inventory, fertilizers, etc

This is the only news group that seemed to come close to these topics so I
have posted here.  If there is another group I would appreciate the
advice.  All of my peers in the Southern portion of Ontario, Canada have
the ability to send mail through their E.Mail software (ALLIN1) and would
be interested in making outside contacts to improve their business

If you like, you can contact me directly via E.Mail at:

	curried at

David Currie
Systems, Southern Ontario Unit
Seed & Stock Production Section
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Midhurst, Ontario

David E Currie
Seed & Stock Production Section
Ont. Ministry of Natural Resources
Midhurst, Ontario

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