land classification and agroforestry

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Mon Oct 31 04:13:04 EST 1994

On 28 Oct 1994, Heather Middleton wrote:

> 	I am writing a paper on value of agroforestry on class one 
> agriculture land ( prime agricuture land ), and the benifits and 
> downfalls of planting trees on this land classification. If anyone knows 
> of papers on this subject or has any personal input on this matter, I 
> would really appreciate receiving your information. 
> thankyou very much,
> Heather Middleton
> University of Guelph
> e-mail: hmiddlet at

Are you interested in  information regarding the integration of food
crop trees into an existing prime agricultural system or the replacement 
of crops with trees as in the previous response?

I am more inclined to find integration of upper storey food crops more 
interesting, particularly, the approaches many different cultures have taken
along these lines.  

I guess this response is really a question, and the question is this:
 "How do you define agroforestry?"

Are you looking for info on the farming of trees, or farming systems 
which integrate tree crops into their function 

Which is agroforestry?
 a)   current forest service 'tree-farming' practice 

 b)   an integrated multiple storey cropping system 
If your answer is a I can't help you
If your answer is b I can try and gather a number of diverse sources 
together for you and you can go from there.
These may be addresses of people involved with such systems

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