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W. R. Lovett FOFW014 at UNLVM.UNL.EDU
Mon Oct 31 15:02:03 EST 1994

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curried at (David E Currie) writes:
>like to discuss things such as:
>        - seed extraction techniques/problems/resolutions
>        - tree seedling culture - softwoods/hardwoods
>        - computer (MS/DOS, VMS) applications for tree orders, stock
>allocation, stock inventory, fertilizers, etc
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I too have been looking for a group to post questions to.  I would be willing
to post mail to this group concerning seed and nursery information if that
is within the directives of this newsgroup.
Bill Lovett, Nebraska Forest Service, 101 Plant Industry Bldg. UN-L,
Lincoln, NE 68583-0814,  FOFW014 at UNLVM.UNL.EDU

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