other forestry or nursery info sys.

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> Does any one know of other information bulletin boards or information site
> on the network concerning forestry and/or tree nurseries?  I have been
> cruising the Internet but have not come across any other sites as yet.
> Thanks for your help.
> Bill Lovett                wlovett at unl.edu
> Nebraska Forest Service    402/472-6640

The following message came via the Forestry Mailing List.  The file noted
is an excellent listing of internet forestry resources.  I am reluctant to
post the actual file because of its size, and would not do so without the
author's explicit permission. 

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Date:   Thu, 11 Aug 1994 18:22:33 +0300
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Subject: Forestry information in Internet
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Dear Sirs,

   I have prepared a small paper concerning the electronic resources
   on forestry over the Internet for the proceedings of the EUFORIS'94
   meeting at Nancy, last March. I have received approval that I may 
   post the text on the gopher server at METLA. The URL to the file is:
   It is also available as a hypermedia version at
   No e-mail delivery or anonymous ftp are available for the moment.

   The printed version of the presentation given at EUFORIS'94 comes in
   the form of a preliminary outline and description for the electronic
   resources on forestry in the Internet. Thus, the structure of the text is
   similar to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or a Resource Guide. It
   covers discussion groups, electronic publications, electronic archives
   and databases as well as network access and navigation tools. Some 
   publicly available information services are listed as examples.

   A more complete electronic version of this information will appear in
   September at the Decision Support 2001 conference in Toronto. Updating
   this kind of information is a never-ending task. It would be almost an
   impossible task for one person alone to discover all changes and
   additions to data and information on the net. 
   Thus, all comments, corrections and contributions are most
   gratefully acknowledged. All additions received by the end of August will
   be included. Please, send them to the current editor:
   Jarmo.Saarikko at metla.fi.

Jarmo Saarikko
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Information Systems Group,
Unioninkatu 40 A, FIN-00170 HELSINKI, Finland
Phone: +358-0-85905234  Fax: +358-0-625308

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