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Jane Goodall Jane_Goodall at earthspirit.org
Wed Sep 7 08:14:05 EST 1994

To my fellow environmentalists:

We have certainly turned a corner in our communications ability.  I am
typing this letter on my laptop computer many miles away from where
you will eventual read this.  Computers and the internet allow a
connection only dreamed of in older days.  The online revolution
enables us to become closer and more unified than ever before. 

I would like to inform everybody about an alliance I have formed with
The Animal Kingdom and about this year's autumn fundraising drive.  As
a vehicle to fund my efforts on the west coast of the United States,
this year's fundraising drive has taken on a unique twist.  As a way
to give something back to our supporters, The Animal Kingdom ( a
national toy manufacturer and big supporter of my efforts) has agreed
to give 100% of the profits from sales of their animal slippers to
Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots Program.  So you can make a donation
to the Roots and Shoots Program and receive something for your money,
a pair of animal slippers.  We are asking $25 for each

We are sending this message out over the internet as way of reaching
out to the world.  We have 33 countries involved in this program.  I
will post a message in two weeks and let everyone know how each
country is participating.  So please respond now.  We are trying to
get as many people involved to show that this is a universal effort.  

The money goes to fund Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program in
Southern California.  Roots & Shoots is an ambitious new program
dedicated to teaching youth how to observe and understand the world
around them while becoming actively involved in environmental and
humanitarian issues.  They will learn the interconnnectedness of all
life on earth, and above all, will realize the great importance of
each individual's worth as they join hands for a common cause. 

To make it easy, at their own cost, The Animal Kingdom has set up a
toll free 800 number to call to make a donation and let us know which
slipper you want and where you want them sent.  The Animal Kingdom has
made their whole line of slippers available.  The slippers come in
three sizes: Child, Adult and Jumbo.  (They make great gifts for
kids.)   Please choose from:  Gorilla, panda, duck, rooster, shark,
cow, and cat.  Child sizes are only available in gorilla, cow, Kermit
the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Please call 1-800-235-1671 to participate in this effort.  

I know asking for donations over the internet is not universally
accepted, but the money really does go to help the environment.  

Thanks for your support, 

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