Micropropagation of Bamboo, Oil Palm and other forestry species

K. V. Raman kvr1 at cornell.edu
Mon Sep 12 14:18:46 EST 1994

The International Servie for the Aquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications 
(ISAAA) located at Cornell University is transfering proprietary and public 
domain applications in agri-biotechnology to developing nations. Several 
countries have requested assistance in developing projects in the 
micropropagation of Bamboo, Rattan, Oil Palm, Coconuts, Flowers, Garlic, 
Potato etc. These countries are interested in joint ventures and in most cases 
funding can be obtained from several other sources for project implementation. 
If you have knowledge or technology related to large scale commercial use of 
micropropagation or tissue culture of forestry or other agricultural products 
- contact  Prof. K.V.Raman  e-mail  Kvr1 at cornell.edu  tel: 1-607-255-1724. 
Thank you all for your help. 

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