samanea saman

peter peter
Fri Sep 16 22:42:47 EST 1994

I am currently finishing the writing of a review article on the
tropical legume tree, Samanea saman. 

For those not familiar with the species, it is a large tree (to
30 metres) with a distinctive hemispherical canopy. It is originally
native of tropical America, but has been naturalised in most parts 
of the tropics. It is the species drawn on the cover of the journal 

My personal experience with the species is from several years spent 
in central America and here in tropical Australia. In order to make
the review more extensive, I would be interested in obtaining any
information - no matter how anecdotal - from other countries. For
example, I have been informed that the species has been planted in
NW Thialand for the cultivation of the lac insect, and is very common
in parts of the Phillipines and India.

Any information would be gratefully received, and if included in the
review will be mentioned as a "comm. pers." Aternatively if anyone 
would like more information from me on the species I would be happy
to help.


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