What a tree is worth.

Patrick Johnson desidia at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 20 18:35:12 EST 1994

I'm trying to locate the source of an information sheet titled 
"What is the value of a tree?"  The sheet breaks down the value of a tree 
as follows:

"A tree is worth $196,250.  A tree living for 50 years will:

	generate oxygen worth $31,250
	provide pollution control worth $62,000
	increase soil fertility and provide erosion control worth $31,250
	recycle water valued at $37,500
	provide wildlife habitat worth $31,250
	provide beauty, wonder and serenity worth ...?"

The numbers are attributed to a Professor T.M. Das of the University of 
California.  The operator for the UC system has no record for him/her at 
any of their nine campuses and I can find no recent literature by him/her.

If you have any idea where T.M. Das is or any information about how the 
above numbers were derived please e-mail me.

Patrick L. Johnson
desidia at u.washington.edu

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