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	The Native Forest Network (NFN) is convening an international
conference on temperate forest issues and campaigns from November 9-13,
1994. The conference will be held at the University of Montana in
Missoula, Montana, U.S.A. The theme of the this yearU s gathering is
RFocus on the Multinationals.S This is the third such event organized by
NFN and will offer forest activists and groups, indigenous peoples,
scientists, industry and government a chance to discuss the numerous
threats afflicting temperate forests worldwide. A variety of overseas and
North American speakers will share campaign reports, scientific
presentations and socio-economic analyses as well as conduct a series of
panel discussions and workshops. 

	NFN is pleased to have Cecelia Rodriguez, the U.S. representative
for the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation), as our keynote
speaker. Cecelia is coordinating solidarity efforts for the EZLN and will
be talking about the environmental consequen ces of the North American
Free Trade Agreement. The keynote address will be on the evening of
November 11. There will be a keynote panel that afternoon that will
explore the relationships between multinational corporations, free trade
agreements and fores t ecosystems. 

	The NFN has started to develop an international campaign network
and the conference will provide a forum for representatives from Scotland,
Siberia, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, England , the United
States, and hopefully other countries.  Veteran campaigners and newcomers
to the forest movement will be given an opportunity to internationalize
their local and regional campaigns and start working together on issues
like log exports and land rights for indigenous nations. 

	Missoula rests in the last great band of temperate forest in the
lower 48 states and is one of the hotbeds for forest activism in the U.S.
The Northern Rockies represent large landscapes and relatively intact
ecosytems which support a diverse collection of plant and animal
communities. Consequently, it provides an ideal backdrop to foster native
forest protection and ecosystem recovery. 

For more information:

        Jake Kreilick-NFN Conference Convener
        P.O. Box 8251
        Missoula, Montana 59807
        Phone: 406-728-0867
        Fax: 406-721-9917
        E-Mail: nfnconference at

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