want yield tables/biomass tables and allocation fractions

Jelle v.Minnen mtvjm at rivm.nl
Tue Sep 27 03:40:05 EST 1994

Hallo there,

	I am working at the National Institute of Public Health and 
Environmental Protection, located in Bilthoven in the Netherlands. At
this moment we have a large project, in which we try to couple Remote
Sensing data (NDVI) to forest growth and/or biomasses. The first part 
of this project consisted of a large fieldwork programme in about 100
locations in Middle-Europe. We went into the field and messured factors
like DBH, height, number of trees per hectare, and age (estimated). The
next phase of the program is now to calculte biomasses and growth of 
the different location. For that I need yield tables to compute the
total wood volume. And I need allocation fractions to the leaf, branche,
and root compartment for compute the total biomass. A problem is that
at this moment Dutch yield tables (published in 1972) are out of date,
while new tables are not published yet. So, my question is who has
yield tables of Norway spruce, scotch pine, Black pine, Douglas fir,
Common oak, Beech, Birch, Chesnut, Walnut? Furthermore, I want to know
who has allocation fractions of these species for different ages? 
Finally I want to know, I somebody out there do not have data, but maybe
any references to these kind of data.

Thnaks already

Jelle van Minnen
email: mtvjm at rivm.nl

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