Growing oaks from acorns

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> My three year old son and I need advice re: planting acorns.  Over the
> last few years, we've noted oak seedlings coming up in our shredded
> landscape bark.  We quickly learned to attribute this to squirrels. 
> The first year, we (I) were kind of dumb, and just pulled them out as
> weeds.  This fall, after buying seedlings from the DNR for
> reforestation purposes (12 acres solid of mature oaks), I got the idea
> to transplant my "weed oaks".  Then my son got into collecting acorns
> by the dozens and hording them indoors.  After all the window sills
> were loaded up with them, I had a stroke of genius, and the two of us
> went out and played "squirrel" all morning.  I used a small dibble
> stick to create a hole about 4 inches deep.  My son then dropped in a
> few acorns, and on to the next site.  Yes, I've thought of letting
> nature do its own thing, but it doesn't always do it where I want.
> Anyone with experience planting acorns?  Do we need to scarify the
> seeds?  Do they need to be cold stratified, or will they grow in flats
> indoors?  In other words, how can I best use my own acorns to grow and
> transplant my own seedlings?
> Thanks!

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