Growing oaks from acorns

Jim Maraganore dmaraganore at
Fri Sep 30 07:57:35 EST 1994

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rcase at (Roger Case ) writes:

> There are two types of oaks however, some produce acorns which will germinate 
> in the fall, winter over, and then continue to grow in the spring -- 
> others do not germinate until the winter is over and them proceed to grow.  If 
> you know what kind of oak the acorns are from, you can determine when they 
> will first germinate. 
I have two types of oaks, Burr (white) oaks and Pin (red) oaks.  The
majority are Burr oaks.  I favor this latter species, as while they are
far less spectacular in the fall, they appear to be much more resistant
to oak wilt.

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