Req:Info on jobs in forestry, environment in Canada, Australia

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Mon Apr 10 14:00:44 EST 1995

Request:  Information regarding possible work in forestry or environmental


April 6, 1995
To whom it may concern:

   My name is Leonardo Alvarado and I am writing this letter because I
need to request information 
regarding jobs in forestry and environmental protection.  This information
is not for myself but for one of my friends.  She lives in Hungary and she
does not have access to the newsgroups through  the computer system of her
university.  I request this information in the hope that somebody will
send it to my e-mail address and then I would forward it to her.

   My friend's name is Edit Jelitai.  She is 27 years old and she is a
Hungarian citizen.  She is a student at the Univesity of Forestry and Wood
Sciences in Sopron, Hungary.  She is in her second year of studies with a
major in Forestry.  Previously she obtained a Master's degree in Food
Science at the University of Horticulture and Food Science in Budapest.

   She is interested in the possibility of working through the summer and
the fall in an environmentally related field or in forestry.  She is very
interested in pursuing a career on environmental conservation and for that
purpose she is studying forestry and environmental science.  She is
interested in working in an English speaking country where she may gain
skills that may help her in the future to protect the environment of her
native Hungary and to learn more about forestry and the natural sciences. 
Naturally, she is also looking at the possibility of improving her command
of the English language.  The countries of choice for her are Australia,
Canada and the United Kingdom, although other English speaking countries
can also provide her with the experience that she seeks.

   If anybody knows of addresses, e-mail addresses, universities,
organizations, sources of information, etc. where she may apply for work
or obtain further information, we would be grateful if you can provide us
with that information.  You may reply in confidence to my e-mail address
or my friend's.  I hope that somebody in this world has the information we
seek, specially in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.  I thank you
for the trouble that you are taking in reading and replying to this
message and I hope we will hear from somebody soon.  


Yours truly,



Lab_Assistants at




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