Nicholas Trevino Gallman genyosai at
Mon Apr 10 07:15:00 EST 1995

My family owns a pretty good bit of property (land), some of which has 
been developed and we've had houses built for rent, and some land which 
has not been developed.  There is a huge that hasn't been developed!  So, 
rather than trying to develop this land, we're thinking of using it to 
harvest trees (there are lots of trees on this land).

I would like to know whether or not someone could give me more 
information (or tell me where to find more) on SELLING TIMBER!!  Union 
Camp is looking at using the land as a tree farm as one of their paper 
sources. However, I (along with the rest of my family) would like to know 
a little more about what's involved in SELLING TIMBER. 

ANY help would be appreciated!!


Nick (Genyosai)

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