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Mon Apr 10 21:33:40 EST 1995

I suggest you contact your local county forester.  Let him or her evaluate
your property.  This forester cannot give you a price but will indicate to
you whether or not the property should be logged.  My county forester
supplied me with a list of certified foresters in the local area.  I wrote
to several and selected one based on recommendations of customers and
associates.  The forester helped my wife and I understand what our timber
was worth.  We discussed our desires for the property with the forester. 
He formulated a plan that we agreed on.  We have sold the timber and the
timber will be cut soon.  We are only having 38 acres cut.  The profit per
acre will be dependant on the predominant type of tree and the proximity
to markets.  Good mature stands of Loblolly pine will bring a minimum of
$1,000 per acre in our area.  You can expect to pay 28% of selling price
in capital gains (there are ways to limit the damage of this tax but your
note doesn't indicate you would qualify) and if you use the services of a
forester, you will probably pay a percentage of the selling price.  As far
as Union Camp goes, rows of hybrid pine are very practical but are also
very ugly when compared to the diversity of natural seeding. 

Good Luck,

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