Relationship of soil and site quality

Hugh Scanlon hughbie at
Sun Apr 16 01:29:31 EST 1995

In article <3mcqvh$5ak at>, gdjohnso at (Gary David Johnson) says:
>I am looking for references on the role of soils in evaluating site
>quality. If anyone knows of some good information on this subject I
>would be very thankful. Thanks in advance. DJ.
In California, a good place to start is the Cal Soil-Veg Maps. 
These were done several years ago and were based, in part, on 
common-sense vegetation to soil relationships. If you can track down
any of the soil scientists who were involved in the project (Taskey knows
a few of them), they may be able to help. As far a more formal studies,
I'm not aware of specific efforts. From a field perspective, the Soil-Veg 
indexes were a good general reference. But soil factors were too gross a
predictor for accurate prediction of site quality on a particular location 
since so many other factors are involved. 

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