trees in the community

Theodore H Shear shear at
Tue Apr 18 17:18:35 EST 1995

: This may not be the proper newsgroup to post this to, but I'll give it
: a shot. Maybe somebody can help me. The following question recently
: came up on an assignment, and it has me stumped. No pun intended.
: "Suppose you were asked to double the number of trees in your
: community at the lowest possible cost. How would you go about it?".
: There are many ways in which to double the number of's
: the "lowest possible cost" part that's getting me. How  much do trees
: cost?  One answer thaat came up was "Move to a community that has 1
: tree, and simply plant another one!". But that's not what I'm
: looking for! Your help would be greatly appreciated.
: Andre
: xnlc at

Stop mowing so much of the road medians and right-of-ways and let 
natural regeneration occur.

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