server available: for real this time

Undive undive at
Thu Apr 20 20:02:18 EST 1995

My appologies for the false start and the inaccurate info.  This is from
the source:

> I am interested in access to the IUFRO server as a guest.  Could you
> give me instructions on URL, password, and access restrictions.

Please excuse the delay in answering your questions (holidays and 
illness). Our gopher is an experimental one with rather few and  internal 
information. There is no access restriction. You can reach us 

Kind regards
Dr. Helmut Feichter
International Union of 
Forestry Research Organisations

Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8
A-1130 Wien, Austria

Tel:   +43-1-877-01-51
Fax:   +43-1-877-93-55
eMail: feichter at

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