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Sun Apr 23 16:59:09 EST 1995

> TreePeople (where I work) published  a book you should be able to pick up
via Inter Library Loan called "The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing
your Neighborhood, Your City, And Your World." It details the whole process
and guides you in rekniting our often torn fabric of society via the simple
act of ...
> The best resource and referral for community based urban forestry is the
"Citizen Forestry Support System" They can be reached via American Forests in
Washington DC. 
> In CA, California Releaf might be a another good source for info. They can
be reached via the Trust for Public Land in San Francisco
> Trees are funded as a CO2 mitigation in California via Prop. 111. While
labor is not paid for: trees, root barriers, gravel, stakes and tree ties
often are.
> Make sure you consider survival rates. A lot of cities are punching trees
in the ground, with out community buy-in they often have short life
Good luck researching! 
I'd enjoy reading your report when it's done if you don't mind 

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