nature of this group?

Tue Apr 25 09:37:00 EST 1995

Yes, I do. I am interested on AGRO - FORESTRY, which is not just agri-
culture or forestry. I had worked for quite some years on how windbreaks
protect agriculture (or animals etc, in that matter). There are a lot
people working in this area. Has anyone been to the N American Agro-
forestry conference in Ames, Iowa in 1992? Quite a big show. The
proceeding has been published, and some of the papers will be published
in a special issue of Agroforestry Systems. But, this group has been`
*very* quiet. Maybe many working this area are not aware of its
existence. Can anybody help? Mark
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undive at (Undive) writes:

>Does anyone in this group work, have interest in, study, etc AGROforestry.
>I was just wondering if the group had evolved since its origin to address
>mainly forestry concerns, or has it generally maintained its subject
>This is not a complaint.   However, is there a Forestry group somewhere
>that I am missing?  Other resources?  Thanks.
>Ron Diver

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