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>I am posting this message from "Save America's Forests",
>a conservation group based out of Washington. DC.
>Call 202-544-9219 for more information.
>Please read and act on their Plea enclosed below. It will
>be sad if the Rescission Bill with the Gorton Rider in it
>passes through both houses...
>The House and Senate have passed the so-called Gorton Rider to the
>Recission bill. The rider requires the US Forest Service to sell SIX
>BILLION BOARD FEET of timber off our national forests in the next two years
>the sales.
>This bill will mean the end of the last roadless areas throughout the
>west, particularly in the Rocky Mountain states and the likely end to
>ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest with some exceptions.
>The bill was written by Slade Gorton of Washington state, a timber
>industry hack who admited taking $34,000 in campaign donations from the
>timber industry last year.
>1>   The last hope is a veto from President Clinton. Please write Clinton
>and ask him to veto the Recision Bill because of the forest killing
>amendment. Short messages are best. E mail and US mail and even phone calls
>to the White House are all urgently needed. This is the most important
>forest issue of the last two decades.
>E mail address = president at
>(202) 456-1111
>1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. 20510
>2>  Call your representative and ask them to tell Clinton to veto the
>Recisission bill unless the forest killer amendment is stripped from it.
>Other state residents, capitol switchboard = 202 225 3121.
>3> write letters to the editor and call your newspaper urging them to write
>an editorial on the subject soon. If you want more detail contact me or
>call 202 686-5888.
>Please help now. This is not business as usual. Please forward this
>message widely. Please act. We need new voices in the fight for our common
Please  Dont  Sell  off the last remaining old growth of forests in this Country I would like to be able to show my children some old trees 
when they grow up.

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