request info - new zealand fruit

stephen fitzgerald stephenf at
Tue Aug 1 09:51:16 EST 1995

If what your friend is growing is a Feijoa (Acca sellowiana) then I don't 
think it came from New Zealand. I'm pretty sure Feijoas come from Brazil 
and somewhere around central America. They grow and fruit profusly in 
Melbourne Australia without any special consideration (the climate is 
temperate/mediteranean). I guess they wouldn't tolerate a lot of frost 
(we have a few frosts in Melbourne in Winter to Spring) They will grow 
in partial shade. The fruit is an unusual flavour but I like it.
The family is Myrtaceae - Eucalypts, etc.
Oh... and you can garnish salads and deserts with the colourful red 
flowers which are edible and sweet. (gee I'm a wealth of info. tonight!)

happy fruit growing!

Stephen Fitzgerald

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