timber farms

Harold E. Anderson harolda at vixa.voyager.net
Sat Aug 5 10:58:26 EST 1995

aspringe at gil.ipswichcity.qld.gov.au (Alex Springer) wrote:
>Does anyone know where information can be found relating to the setting up of 
>a timber farm?  If so please email a message to me.

I have found the two following books to be quite helpfull:

Tree Farm Business Management by James M. Vardaman, published by John 
Wiley & Sons, New York

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit by Arthur G. Chapman and Robert 
D. Wray, published by Rutgers University Press, Newbrunswick, New Jersey. 

I purchased my copies from Ben Meadows Co, 1-800-241-6401 for orders

I have also contacted them through the WWW, I beleive the address was 

I have used the above books to help clients in my consulting forestry 
practice in Northern Michigan

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