Conf. FYI; Seattle - Sept. 1995

Undive undive at
Mon Aug 7 08:29:42 EST 1995

There is a conference held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the
Society for Ecological Restoration to be held in September.  I don't have
the exact dates or location, but it looks very interesting.  Topics
include restoration of:  soils, wetland, prairie, alpine, arid land,
stream, wilderness, fire, urban; also international issues, exotics,
mining, indegenous peoples, funding, coastal systems, education.  You get
the picture.

There will also be field trips to a bunch of locales in Wash. and B.C.

For more info:

SER Conference Registration
1207 Seminole Highway
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 262-9547

or, regarding abstract and technical program inquiries:

Engineering Professional Programs
University of Washington
(206) 543-5539

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