Douglas Firs wanted

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Mon Aug 7 08:20:23 EST 1995

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>I live in west central Illinois and I am looking for a place that I can
>order some young small douglas firs.  No one around here seems to have
>them available.
>If you know of a mail order location I could buy some, please let me

Many nurseries that grow seedlings or "lining out stock" will carry
douglas firs. Check with your state/county agricultural extension office
and you may find something near you or they may even sell the seedlings
Two mail order sources that I am familiar with are Strathmeyer Forests
(PA) 1-800-345-3406 and Croshaw Nursery (NJ) 1-609-298-6388.

Jeff Speirs
Heritage Tree Movers
Mt. Laurel, NJ

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