Info needed on timber products

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Tue Aug 8 10:33:57 EST 1995

 > Can anyone out there help with answers to the following questions, 
 > or perhaps tell me where I could find the info I'm looking for:
 > 1. Forecasted demand for laminated veneer lumber (LVL), rotary 
 > peeled pine veneer and thin pine plywood as well as prices according to 
 > different quality.
 > 2. Companies which purchase the above products and contact persons.
 > 3. The main producers of the above products.

I think someone had replied to you about the Forest Products Lab in Madison,
WI. That is a good place to start. There is a pretty good publication on the
subject called Panel World. It concerns Veneer/Plywood/Composites/Laminates.
There phone number is 205-834-1170  Fax:205-834-4525. Good luck.


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