Treeplanting in deserts!

Richard Fox rcfox at
Thu Aug 10 06:46:38 EST 1995

Treeplanting in deserts and arid zones

My name is Richard W. Fox, President of Global Resources.  Recently, I 
began doing some work for a group that has developed a small 
technological wonder called the "Eden Device", that draws water from 
the atmosphere, among other things.  It is aimed at producing water for 
treeplanting in arid and desert conditions.  We will be going to Geneva 
at the end of the month with several of the devices and anticipate 
finalizing arrangements to field test the devices in several African 
countries.  I cannot give a lot of details on the device yet but wanted 
to get this preliminary information circulating.

I can be reached at :

Richard W. Fox
Global Resources
9501 Lomond Drive
Manassas, VA 22110

rcfox at

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