prices/availibility for wood/pulp/recycled

McLester7 mclester7 at
Wed Aug 9 21:56:58 EST 1995

Right now, wood pulp ranges from $900 to $1000 per ton.  This may be the
highest market price ever.  18 months ago, the price was in the $375 to
$450 range.  This was a 20 year (adj for inflation) low.  The actual price
depends on whether you are talking about hardwood pulp, Eucalyptus, or
softwood pulp.  I'm not sure about the price of recycled pulp.  I've heard
that the price of recycled pulp has come down significantly in the last
few years.  However, recycled pulp has some properties (considerably
weaker) that don't stack up to virgin pulp.
Mike Lester

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