Wanted: sponsors for PLANT PATHOLOGY student

Tape Gagas tagas at freenet3.scri.fsu.edu
Fri Aug 11 01:21:34 EST 1995

	Hello, I'm and international student about to complete my B.S. in 
Horticulture And I would like to go ahead with my education and pursue a 
degree in Plant Pathology and I'm looking for sponsors since I, 
unfortunatelly, cannot afford the cost of graduate school.  If you can 
help or know someone that can please contact me.   In advance, Thank you 
very much.	
	Luis Velasquez
	924 W. Pensacola st. B-14
	Tallahassee, Fl. 32304

	E-mail  tagas at freenet3.scri.fsu.edu

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