Student needs worm info

Morehouse parish library MOR_LIB2 at MERLIN.NLU.EDU
Mon Aug 14 17:18:57 EST 1995

Enthusiastic high school freshman needs info on earthworms,
particularly nightcrawlers, for science project.  Needs
chemical compounds and digestive juices plus chemical 
reactions in worm stomachs to fun chemical equations.
Please send information or sources for information and/or
names of experts he may contact.  This is rural Louisiana.
He has received most available books from around the state
but not needed info.  Gopherspace and WWW have given us little
information, most of it basic composting info he already has.
Any help will be appreciated.  Last year's State Science Fair
Judges suggested he find this to improve his project.

Thanks.  Ellen Highsmith, Morehouse Parish Library

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