water desalination

Matt Kovacs M.Kovacs at botany.uq.oz.au
Mon Aug 14 21:01:45 EST 1995

In article <APC&1'0'80ab25e7'a11 at igc.apc.org>, Richard Fox <rcfox at igc.apc.org> says:
>My name is Richard W. Fox, President of Global Resources..  I am 
>currently doing some work with a group that has created something 
>called the "Eden Device", that draws water from the atmosphere.  It is 
>a small device aimed at producing water for treeplanting in arid zones 
>(including desert conditions).  We expect full trials to start in 
>several African countries soon.  What is your interest and 
>application?  Let me know!
>Richard Fox
>rcfox at igc.apc.org

Richard, I am an Australian permaculture designer and teacher, currently studying agroforestry
I am very interested in this device that takes H20 out of air , it could revolutionise arid-zone
 tree planting practice and technology . Please send more info thanks

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