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Dear Fellow Outdoors Lovers:
I'm attempting to compile a cookbook of outdoor recipes for both camping
and backpacking.  Please send a copy of your favorite recipe(s)
and a short story that may go along with it.  For your input, you will be
given credit for the dish and you will receive a copy of the book upon
Please E-mail to WLMIKELL at AOL.COM or USPS to W. Lee Mikell, P.O. Box 1867,
Belle Glade, FL  33430.

Please state if it is for camping or backpacking and be as specific as
possible when listing measurements.

I'm looking for stories that may relate to a camp outs or hikes that you
used this particular recipe.  I can be human interest, a description of
the trip, personal musing about the scenery, etc....

By Line
For your credit please give your Name, City, State, and a short quote or
favorite camping location.....

Return Address
Please list your return address for your copy of the cookbook.


MRE- Meal Ready to Eat
1 package MRE, any flavor they all taste the same
1 bottle hot pepper sauce
Salt and pepper

Bring small pot of water to boil, remove from heat.  Place MRE package in
pot, cover and let sit for several minutes.  Remove MRE from
water, tear of top, add significant amount of hot pepper sauce and salt
and pepper to taste.  Mix well, eat.

This type of meal has been a not so favorite of my backpacking buddies for
several years.  These meals were given to us, so we used
them until they were gone.  Actually, they don't taste to bad, a little
hot sauce and some salt and pepper.  They will certainly fill your belly.
Just make sure you have plenty of striking paper in the pack.  The only be
drawback is the foil package and they are kind of heavy to carry.

By:	W. Lee Mikell
	Belle Glade, FL
	Royal Ranger Commander

W. Lee Mikell
P.O. Box 1867
Belle Glade, FL  33430  USA

W. Lee Mikell

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