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Conference Announcement:


Land Management Practices Affecting Aquatic Ecosystems


Dear Colleague:

You are cordially invited to attend the Forest - Fish Conference:
Land management Practices Affecting Aquatic Ecosystems which will be held 
May 1 - 4, 1996,at the Marlborough Inn and Convention Centre in Calgary, 
Alberta Canada.  

Conference Objectives:

1.   Facilitate the exchange of information concerning relationships between forest land-
use activities and aquatic resources among an international assemblage of technical experts;
2.   Increase awareness of management solutions that improve watershed protection and
minimize the impacts of forest land-use activities on aquatic environments;
3.   Increase opportunities for stakeholders to work together to find cooperative solutions to
potential forestry related problems;
4.   Identify benefits, or ways and means of providing benefits of forest management practices
affecting aquatic resources; and 
5.   publish the proceedings from the conference.


Oral and Poster presentation suggested topics (although not limited to these topics):

*  The role of sediment in the aquatic environment
*  Mitigation of stream crossing impact to the aquatic environment
*  Role and importance of stream buffers
*  The relationships between timber harvesting and streamflow 
*  Development and implementation of successful environmental education programs
*  How timber harvest influences inputs of woody debris
*  The roll of woody debris in streams
*  How long term timber harvesting affects stream temperature regimes and their 
associated biological impacts
*  Progressive changes in forest management practices that incorporate an ecosystem 
*  Impacts of and mitigative solutions for increased vehicular or off-road access 

Abstract submission deadline:   November 15, 1995  (authors will be notified by 
January 15, 1996 regarding acceptance.


When emailing a response back, please indicate a response to the following 4 points 
that apply to you:

1.    If you are interested in getting on the mailing list for the Forest - Fish Conference, 
please email us back soon.

2.    Please indicate if you are interested in presenting either a paper and/or poster at the 
Forest Fish Conference (a copy of the instructions to authors will be sent out to you).

3.    Are you interested in setting up a booth at the trade show?

4.    If you can not attend the conference, would you be interested in purchasing 
a copy of the proceedings?

I will provide occasional updates regarding the conference to particular newsgroups.  
If you know of other newsgroups this should be sent to, please email me.


Darwin Monita
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Forest - Fish Conference
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