Dying willow oak?

Milmarple milmarple at aol.com
Fri Aug 18 02:50:42 EST 1995

Since the yard waste mulch was composted, herbicides that might have been
present when the waste was collected were likely broken down during the
composting process.  Remember that composting creates very hot
temperatures.  Also, herbicides are broken down by water and sunlight as
well.  If they had done harm to the tree, it would not have leafed out at

The most likely problem with the information we have is that the mulch was
applied too heavily against the bark and it rotted.  However, since the
tree was young, the planting technique should be examined.  Many trees
that are improperly planted will not gasp their last breath until 3 or 4
years later.  Check the planting depth, whether twine/wire was removed if
the tree was a B&B, and make sure that water doesn't hit the trunk when
you irrigate.

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