Treeplanting in deserts!

ABSORBU absorbu at
Sat Aug 19 18:04:41 EST 1995

I am James Quinn, President of Industrial Services International, Inc.
Since 1980 there have been over 50 billion seedlings treated with our
product Terra-Sorb, a superabsorbent which a one pound coffee can of can
absorb 55 gallons of water

If your divise controls the release of water to the root zone mine can
then control the water in the root zone after yours has released it.  A
natural enhancement dont you think?

Also beneficial fungus performance is enhanced three fold when contained
in Terra-Sorb.  My associates include Dr. Don Marx, and Dr. Ed Cordell,
both former USDA Forest Service administrators in fungus research.  Our
brain trust in plant health is unmatched.

Contact us - we can help to make any desert forestry project more

J. Quinn


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