Turtle Mt. Forestry Expo

Robert Underwood runderwo at plains.NoDak.edu
Sun Aug 20 19:48:17 EST 1995

Just a reminder about the Turtle Mt. Forestry Expo to be held Sept 23-24 
at the Bottineau County Fairgrounds.  From the regions strong roots in 
the field of forestry, we plan to showcase the wide variety of activities 
and equipment which are part of our history and the modern field which 
forestry has become.  From the woods to the city lawns, people care more 
about trees now than at any time in our past.

Join us in some traditional and modern forestry contests or watch 
demonstrations by experts who have mastered the skills of the woods to 
near perfection and in some cases turned it into an art.  

E-mail for more information.

Bob Underwood, Urban Forestry, NDSU-Bottineau

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