New Report - "The State of Canada's Forests 1994"

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"The State of Canada's Forests 1994"

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                    The State of Canada's Forests 1994


The State of Canada's Forests 1994 provides the most recent data on the
condition of the forest resources of Canada and their contribution to the

This year's report to Parliament contains five main chapters: an
introduction to the importance of Canada's forests and a review of the
major events of 1994; a feature chapter on wildlife management; a second
feature chapter that highlights the timber supply situation; an update on
the status of the environmental and social indicators of sustainable
forest development; and a chapter that profiles some key resource
information for each province and territory.

The report also includes a commercial forest account, which presents some
of the changes that occurred in Canada's commercial forests between 1978
and 1992, as well as a section illustrating the 10-year trends for 
certain trade and forest management activities. 

Lastly, in the point of view section, forest wildlife managers identify
threats to wildlife, discuss the impact of forest-based activities (e.g.,
harvesting, recreation, hunting, etc.), and describe what is being done 
or what needs to be done to address forest wildlife issues. 

The report's audiences are quite varied, ranging from members of
Parliament, the forestry constituency and special interest groups, to
trading partners and the Canadian public. Many high schools, community
colleges, universities and libraries now use the publication as a
reference document. 

                      Electronic versions on 3.5" disks only
                           (in Macintosh or IBM format)
                     or hard copies of this publication may be
                          obtained free of charge from: 

                               Distribution Unit
                           Natural Resources Canada
                          20th floor, 580 Booth Street
                         Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E4 CANADA
                           Telephone: (613) 992-0759
                              Fax: (613) 996-9094

                    Please order disk copies via e-mail to:
                         bballantyne at

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